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At Havas Media, we invest in media that matters.

We understand where to find the most meaningful media using our unique Mx system. We build a Media Experience (Mx) that connects a client with their target audience – in the context of where they are, through the content they pay attention to.

Because we believe that more meaningful media can help build more meaningful brands.

Netflix, The Crown
Netflix, The Crown

Now Meet Elizabeth

How can we garner interest from local viewers on a series about Britain’s queen? With a hyperlocal approach, we took the unconventional route to showcase a wealth of surprising facts about the queen in specially brokered outdoor placements in the most unexpected places.


FairPrice Twitter Puns

Being seen as a heritage brand that is only for the elders, we created a twitter tonality that is uniquely FairPrice, using the names of our everyday products sold in FairPrice to create puns that delivered the wit in language that the Twitter platform celebrates.


Neighbours First

With over 135 years of heritage, POSB needed to connect with the new generation of millennials. So we created NeighboursFirst.sg, a digital storytelling platform that housed the “narratives of the neighbourhood’, featuring local storytellers who bridged the connection.

Lifetime Asia

Spot the Boss

When presented with 3 potential candidates as bosses, would you fall under the stereotype and pick a male? We did a social experiment to prove the point, for the launch of the new content series "Fempire" on Lifetime Asia channel.

Key Clients

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